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    Agarwal Real Packers and Movers in Pune is an expert in providing domestic moving / shifting services that comprise up of houseshold goods and car transportation, delivering all over India.


Insurance Services




Agarwal Real packers and movers Pvt Ltd Pune is a leading packing and moving service provider in India and offer all types of packing and moving services in India. With the help of custom service, the handling of the clearance is done for all the clients goods and materials reaching by land, air or sea. Our technical experts help us immensely to make sure that quick clearance of all the goods takes place and delivery is made right to your door steps Goods, Furniture, Industrial Goods & automobiles etc.
When goods are being transported in bulk, it we have to look after their safety. Even though we take all necessary care in packing items, still unavoidable circumstances and situations can be sometimes forthcoming. Considering such situations, will come forward to take the responsibility by providing coverage against theft and breakage. All the paraphernalia of insurance is being done properly with all the required and necessary paper work, so that you can be able to claim any loss or theft in case of any misfortune.
Immediate claim processing is possible with our company through our partner insurance companies.
We offer varieties of insurance as a part of our service.
Transit insurance :- This insurance covers the transit and the storage. This insurance covers the loss or damage to goods while being transported by rail, road, air or by sea and stored at Warehouse, Job Workers locations, Processing Units. For availing this, you are required to pay an extra surcharge along with our total relocation charges, which is quite nominal in comparison to other packers.
Comprehensive Insurance :- This insurance is devised for covering the entire items and is inclusive of damages at all steps of transportation.
Documentation :- Documents are necessary to evidence the existence of a contract. Documents provided will contain all the terms and conditions, rights and duties - privileges and obligations are properly documented in terms which can be clearly interpreted in a court of law.



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